Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Nagual, part 2

Already I have written a page, tried to preview, and somehow lost it!  Oh well, not the first time.  But, as I wish not to have to repeat the experience, I will keep this short.

It has come to my attention that the term "brotherhood" can be very offensive to many women today.  I seem to be bound by a sentimental attachment containing memories of growing up as the eldest of four brothers (no sisters) and a member of the neighborhood gang (no drug dealers back then, just a few porno books, crab apples, marbles, baseball cards, etc.).  Toward the end of my first Saturn cycle on this planet Earth (Saturn revolves around the sun in approximately 29 1/2 years) a book fell into my hands, The Ultimate Frontier by Eklal Kueshana (pseudonym of Richard Kieninger).  This book explains (supposedly) the workings of secret brotherhoods down through the centuries and millenia.  These brotherhoods were defined as consisting of equal numbers of both men and women.  It is claimed that each male member cannot evolve or grow spiritually without the equal advancement of his female counterpart.  I have found something like this, and heard it expressed by long-term marriage partners, that the marriage becomes an ongoing surprise of discovered growth.

 Anyhow, brotherhoods are an intriguing part of life on all levels, from the Mafia, "Skull and Bones" (the secret Yale society of which both Bushes and John Kerry were members), to the highly idealistic Knights Templar, the Masons (who used to have an active lodge in every town in America), and many more.

Yet for me, I find my brothers everywhere, and my sisters.  We are always searching for each other, hearts and minds open, willing to suffer and work toward higher truth.

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